Eat your Veggies!

You should eat more fruits and vegetables than anything else. However make sure the fruits and vegetables you are eating are 100% organic. Fruits and Vegetables grown conventionally are sprayed with herbicides and pesticides. When you eat the fruits and vegetables these toxins and preservatives are then going directly into your body. And what do we know about toxins? They keep us fat. By eliminating toxins, we lose weight and get healthier.

Vegetables are low in fat, low in calories, provide us with fiber and give us extra energy. All these features help control weight effectively. Being low in calories enables us to eat lots of vegetables without consuming excess energy; the high fiber content also helps fill the stomach faster limiting the total amount of food consumed.

The presence of many vitamins and other chemicals in vegetables supply the body with nutrients necessary to boost energy production within the muscle cells. This gives us a natural feeling of vitality and the energy to become more active helping to burn more calories every day.