Video Contest

I am excited to announce that Natural, Sexy, Skinny is offering two prizes for the BEST VIDEO CONTEST!

Here's how it works:

Get out your video camera and tape yourself telling the world why they should visit You could talk about eating organic, living a healthy lifestyle, anything you feel passionately about from our blogs.

Upload your video to video sharing sites such as youtube and vimeo. Then e-mail us (at the link to see your video.

There will be two prizes. $250 each! The first prize goes the the BEST video. The second prize goes to the video that gets the most views. So put your video on youtube, then send the link to all your friends, co-workers and family members! Post it to your facebook, myspace, etc. Whoever gets the most youtube views by May 28th 2009 WINS $250!

For ideas check out all the blogs:
The Skinny on Yoga
The Skinny on Tea
The Skinny on Acai

Also you can go to our website and click on "free Download" to get exerts from the Natural, Sexy, Skinny book!

Be Creative!